Tuesday, April 23, 2019

독서 - 군주론, 마키아밸리

삼국지나 은하영웅전설을 세상과 정치의 진리처럼 모시는 사람들이 좀 있다. 그정도까지야 아니지만 <군주론>도 그겋게까지 고전의 반열에 오를만한 책은 아니었다. 

비유나 유사성은 얼마든지 갖다붙이기 나름이라, 읽으면서 중세 정치와 권력을 현대 정치나 경제에 빗대어 볼 수 있는 내용은 제법 있지만 그걸 바라고 읽은건 아니니까. 

역자의 번역 퀄리티 자부심은 절반만 동의. 본인이 관련 지식을 잘 알고 있어서 더 적합한 단어를 고를수는 있었는지 몰라도 글이 그정도로 훌륭하진 않음. 더 최근에 번역된걸로 봐도 나쁘지 않을듯. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

독서(안함) - Shoe dog (Phil Knight)

김동조 아재가 틈만나면 얘기하길래 궁금해서 사봤는데 챕터 1을 채 끝내기도 전에 끝냄. 나이키 창업주 필 나이트가 지은 자서전인데 곰곰이 생각해보니 기업가정신같은 내용의 문제가 아니라 글이 너무 유치해서 감성이 맞지가 않는다.

I was up before the others, before the birds, before the sun. I drank a cup of coffee, wolfed down a piece of toast, put on my shorts and sweatshirt, and laced up my green running shoes. Then slipped quietly out the back door. 
I stretched my legs, my hamstrings, my lower back, and groaned as I took the first few balky steps down the cool road, into the fog. Why is it always so hard to get started?
There were no cars, no people, no signs of life. I was all alone, the world to myself—though the trees seemed oddly aware of me. Then again, this was Oregon. The trees always seemed to know. The trees always had your back.
What a beautiful place to be from, I thought, gazing around. Calm, green, tranquil—I was proud to call Oregon my home, proud to call little Portland my place of birth. But I felt a stab of regret, too. Though beautiful, Oregon struck some people as the kind of place where nothing big had ever happened, or was ever likely to. If we Oregonians were famous for anything, it was an old, old trail we’d had to blaze to get here. Since then, things had been pretty tame.
The best teacher I ever had, one of the finest men I ever knew, spoke of that trail often. It’s our birthright, he’d growl. Our character, our fate—our DNA. “The cowards never started,” he’d tell me, “and the weak died along the way—that leaves us.”
Us. Some rare strain of pioneer spirit was discovered along that trail, my teacher believed, some outsized sense of possibility mixed with a diminished capacity for pessimism—and it was our job as Oregonians to keep that strain alive.
I’d nod, showing him all due respect. I loved the guy. But walking away I’d sometimes think: Jeez, it’s just a dirt road.

뭐야 이게.. 고등학생이 쓴줄.